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IT Services - Overview

NEXTINGS supports your organization at every level! With a results-oriented program of professional services, training and support designed to enable you to concentrate on what matters – Your success.

We appreciate the competitive and complex environments that you do business in. We designed our services to help you realize immediate benefits from our solutions and create a flexible application platform that works to your long-term advantage. Meanwhile, our team of professionals is dedicated to helping you balance technological innovation with the fundamental need to control cost.

Business Consulting

The right business solution can take your organization to the next level- whether it’s increasing sales, reducing time, risks and costs, or driving more profits. But in today’s market place, choosing the right business solution can be a challenge.

We believe that it is important to find out how and where to invest in business solutions to support your business needs. That is why our expertise and network of proven domain professionals are here to support our complete offering of business solutions.

Our consultants understand that every business is unique and has different goals. At NEXTINGS, we work with you to give you all the information you need to take the right decisions that are aligned with your objectives. We ensure that you get the best outcome from our solutions, that become a boon to your business.

Our professionals give you the support you need to keep your competitive edge with a wide range of resources including:

Assessment of your current business processes and needs.
Solution design and implementation
Solution customization, integration, migration, and upgrades
Business process transformation and change management

IT Consulting

IT Consultancy services:

Network Design, Implementation and Security
Data Backup and Storage Solutions
High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Project Management
Server Virtualization
Cloud Services
IT Software and Hardware Solutions
Systems Management and Network Support
Microsoft Servers, MS Exchange Server and MSSQL Server Consultancy

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DICE Implementation

With a focus on quality, time-efficiency and process simplification, NEXTINGS offers an implementation methodology informed by best practices worldwide that enables you to quickly harness the benefits of our solutions.
Our goal is to help you implement the right business solution that effectively speeds up your business processes, boosts productivity and cuts costs.
Our seasoned team of professionals will design solutions that scale to your
business, with full transparency and cost and schedule control.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted and agile global partner for business solutions, NEXTINGS is committed to being a trusted advisor in your organization, and directly contributing to your success.

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We believe that the ultimate success of any solution lies in the willingness and ability of employees to make it happen. The training program from NEXTINGS makes sure that knowledge is shared and applied, that your team learns how to put our solutions to work for you and your organization. We do this by empowering them with the right set of skills that they would need to maximize the impact of our solutions.

Training program:

Super User Training
End User Training
Instructor-led Training
Virtual Training

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To ensure your satisfaction and optimal return-on-investment, NEXTINGS provides you with the add-on value of technical support. Our professionals provide you with the technical assistance you need to ensure that your team achieves high productivity with our solutions.
Stay ahead of the game with worry-free and consistent support, designed to make you feel much more confident in using our solutions day in and day out.

Whatever your company’s requirements, Nextings is confident that,
with our flexible approach, bespoke service and level agreements,
direct access to a team highly skilled, qualified and experienced technicians,
We will be able to provide you with the cover of your choice.

24x7 Support
Fast Reponses Support
Remote Support
Onsite Support
Monthly Backup
Scheduled Maintenance

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Cloud Services

As your work grows, your organization can become burdened with inactive data and traditional data deployment. It becomes increasingly critical to seek agility and efficiency when implementing enterprise solutions, and adopting highly available and flexible environments that simplify your software requirements. That is why business-critical solutions and applications are moving to the cloud, providing a compelling and credible delivery model for your business.

Cloud applications should be your strategic asset. At NEXTINGS, cloud applications are built leveraging virtualization technologies, this allows you to increase efficiency and reduce costs while ensuring compliance and security. The on-demand and up-to-date cloud applications respond to your business needs by dynamically scaling your data resources.
Through our cloud services, we provide your business with the choice in how to implement the right enterprise solution for your business requirements. Your professional experts will work with you to develop your cloud strategy, ensure an efficient migration, and evaluate results. This will help take advantage of the cloud services and transform your business and operations to adapt to ever-changing markets and needs.

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