United Arab Emirates - Lebanon

1. Servers, Computers & IT Peripheral

Our Products provide our clients the most competitive value in the market.
Client satisfaction is critical to our success and we maintain their
loyalty through our consistent performance.
We have been designing and implementing a wide variety of
server and desktop architectures.
Our range of servers, computers and peripherals
include but not limited to:

Servers, Network Design and Infrastructure
Designing Window Server Network and Application Infrastructure
Desktop, Laptops & UPS Systems
Data Storage NAS, SAN and Direct Attached
Network Switches, routers and firewalls
Printers, Scanners and Multifunctional Printers


No matter what your business is, presenting is everything.
We make your business visible to the world.
We build websites that perfectly fit to any screen for any device.
Our website development package includes:

Web Development (Dynamic or Static)
Domain Name Registration and Web hosting
Basic SEO will be provided
Email Hosting

For help and to find out more about our IT solutions, contact us (here)



1. DICE ERP is a fully integrated software solution, which answers the most sophisticated of business operational requirements. .

2. Our mission is:

  Design    Integrate and Innovate    Customize    Enhance

3. Why Dice and Who is it for?

      a. DICE Management system is for directors and managers who have an ambition
    to improve the performance of their whole company’s management team

       b. DICE can make everything possible. Our developers and consultants are
    willing to add their own contributions according to their professional competences:

      i. DICE Modules:
    Point of sale (POS)
    Customer Relation Management (CRM)
    Supply Chain Management
    Financial Management
    Warehouse Management
    Workshop Management
    Documentation Management
    Project Management
    Route Delivery
    Dashboard & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
        ii. DICE Functionality:

    Manages the flow of information, both out of and within the organization
    Contains large variety of access rights
    Transforms your company into paperless environment
    Customized according to your business needs at any level
    Achieve sustainable competitive advantage for the long term